SwitchHolder Generate Transport Alarms with the SenseAnywhere SwitchHolder.

  • With the SwitchHolder, you can generate Transport Alarms
  • Perfectly suitable accessory to monitor medical samples during cold chain distribution
  • Compatibility: AiroSensor models 20-20-2x, AiroSensor models 20-20-3x
  • Material: PC-ABS, easy to clean surface


The SenseAnywhere SwitchHolder is an accessory that enables you to generate Transport Alarms with a single sliding movement of the SwitchHolder. Just insert your AiroSensor and slide to one side to either start or stop the transport. This accessory is ideal for environments with cooling systems that are not operational during specific times, i.e., nights or weekends. The SwitchHolder is compatible with the AiroSensor and AiroSensor T. Please note that data logging will continue, so you never will miss the temperatures even if you forget to slide the SwitchHolder.