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SenseAnywhere launches smart 4-20mA and 0-10V Analogue Input Modules

SenseAnywhere officially launches its innovating 4-20mA and 0-10V Analogue Input Modules. These smart modules enable limitless measurement possibilities since they can be connected to any third-party sensor with similar analogue outputs. Therefore, analogue data of pressure, CO2 and dust particles, among other things, can be monitored digitally with high accuracy. All data is stored within our safe Cloud service SAClient, where full audit trails can be downloaded, and alarm profiles can be set to ensure the safety and quality of products and processes.

Analogue becomes digital
The greatest benefit of the 4-20mA and 0-10V Input Modules is that all measured values are available in one system, including alarm and reporting functions. Within our client portal, alarm parameters can be set, after which SenseAnywhere sends notifications whenever these parameters are exceeded, allowing for immediate interference by customers without losing quality in the process. All monitored data is visible in real-time, with full data analyses available, giving customers valuable insights.

Effective monitoring solutions
The 4-20mA and 0-10V Input Modules are easily installed by connecting them to a third-party sensor and the AiroSensor 20-20-43. Both modules feature electronics in the connector, which digitises analogue data. These measurements are directed via the SenseAnywhere Bus (SAB) interface to the AiroSensor, which transmits and safely stores data in our Cloud service SAClient. By doing so, no data loss occurs, and human error is excluded, especially since all data is triply stored on different servers worldwide, ensuring back-ups are always available when necessary.

Limitless measurement applications
The innovating 4-20mA and 0-10V Input Modules enable limitless measurement solutions for various applications. Since all third-party sensors with a similar output can be connected to our external modules, already in-use analogue sensors can also be installed on the SenseAnywhere monitoring solution. With SenseAnywhere, customers can now digitally monitor pressure and the density of dust particles in cleanrooms, CO2 and air filtration in laboratories and many more, with all data safely stored in the Cloud.

Easy individual calibration of the module
Another noteworthy feature is that both Input Modules can be calibrated individually. This is possible, thanks to the integrated electronics, which are the instrument that digitise analogue data. This means that only the Input Module itself needs to be calibrated and not the AiroSensor model 20-20-43, to which it is connected for reliable analogue measurements. Best of all is that customers can do the calibration themselves by adjusting the parameters that the third-party sensor is measuring in SAClient, including the unit of measurement, offset and scaling.

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