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Trees for All

SenseAnywhere aims to achieve ISO 14001 certification this year. ISO 14001 is the internationally accepted standard for Environmental Management. Climate change is an important issue at the moment and as a company, we want to go the extra mile to ensure a more sustainable future.

CO2 emissions
SenseAnywhere has a subscription to the Environmental Barometer allowing us to fill in all kinds of data about our company. The CO2 graph shows that SenseAnywhere emitted 20.3 tonnes of CO₂ last year, most of which came from goods transport (11 tonnes of CO₂) and commuting (7.5 tonnes of CO₂).

80 Trees
To compensate for this, SenseAnywhere is participating in a great initiative, about which you can read more at To combat climate change, the world needs more forest. SenseAnywhere is planting 80 trees in the Netherlands and Madagascar to compensate for all its CO2 emissions last year, plus a little extra. We have opted for a climate-resistant forest, which means creating new forests and restoring diseased ones.

Orange is the New Green
To learn more about our sustainability, check out our Whitepaper Orange is the New Green. What sustainable initiatives does your organisation take?

Read the full white paper: Trees for all

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