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COVID-19 vaccine distribution monitoring made easy

The global COVID-19 vaccines distribution task is a complicated operation and implementing an easy solution to monitor this process is more important than ever. COVID-19 vaccines need to be stored at specific temperatures, which means that the cold chain of these vaccines must be carefully monitored. SenseAnywhere has a simple, effective, and reliable solution to this: Transport alarms which show you whether the sensitive goods have been transported under the right conditions or not. A perfect solution that gives peace of mind to COVID-19 vaccine distributors.

The COVID-19 distribution is a challenge: It has to be organised quickly while nothing must go wrong. The problem is that there is little experience with one of the most complex logistical challenges we have ever faced on this planet. Accurate temperature monitoring of the new vaccines is key because storage and distribution at incorrect temperatures can decrease the quality, safety and effectiveness of the vaccines. Vaccines from different suppliers all need to be stored at different temperature ranges, which van all be perfectly monitored with SenseAnwhere AiroSensors.

Get real-time alerts on vaccine temperature conditions with SenseAnywhere Transport Alarms
SenseAnywhere offers ‘Transport Alarms’ as a solution that makes things easy, SenseAnywhere’s revolutionary ‘Set & Forget’ system means that you can set up the data loggers and simply leave them to operate, safe in the knowledge that measurements are recorded every 5 minutes 24/7. The only required action is to start and stop the transport monitoring with a SwitchHolder or QR code scan and select the right monitoring profile. Furthermore: no human intervention and no prone to error. Should a deviation occur then an email or SMS will be generated automatically, giving you essential time to intervene to protect your vaccines. The AiroSensor never stops logging. Data is fully automatically transferred, stored, and archived for at least 10 years. Even if you forget to start or stop the transport alarm you still have the temperatures over that period as the AiroSensor works always.

Access COVID-19 vaccine temperature data 24/7 via QR code scan or SwitchHolder
To use Transport Alarms, all you need is to scan a QR code on the outside of the transport packaging or an AiroSensor inserted in a SwitchHolder mounted in the container. At the start of the transport – at COVID-19 vaccines manufacturing sites – the transport alarm can be started by either scanning the QR code or sliding the AiroSensor in the SwitchHolder to “on”. The carrier can enter a unique tracking ID of its transport in the SAClient Portal to link the transport to the shipment. When the vaccines arrive at the clinic, the transport alarm can be stopped by scanning the QR code again or sliding the SwitchHolder to “off”. The shipper can use the same tracking ID in SAClient to quickly find his transport. Once arrived, the shipper will receive an email or SMS, stating whether the temperature limits have been exceeded or not. It couldn’t be easier. SenseAnywhere is your reliable partner.

SwitchHolder Transport Alarms

  • Prepare the box for shipment.
  • Enable the SwitchHolder to Start the Transport. Monitoring plus generating alarms if any.
  • Realtime alarms when Mobile AccessPoint is in vehicle or Logging when outside the network.
  • Cooling Unit has arrived at its destination.
  • Disable the SwitchHolder to Stop the Transport. Triggers report (email, SMS alarms if any).
  • Automatically generated report, stored for at least 10 years.
    • Paperless.
    • No human intervention in data collection and storage.

QR Scan Transport Alarms

  • Prepare the box for shipment.
  • Scan the QR Code and Start the Transport. A content. description can be linked to this Transport Alarm.
  • Realtime alarms when Mobile AccessPoint is in vehicle or Logging when outside the network.
  • Cooling Unit has arrived at its destination.
  • Scan the QR Code and Stop the Transport. View Transport Results.
  • Automatically generated report, stored for at least 10 years.
    • Paperless
    • No human intervention in data collection and storage

Simply Smarter
SenseAnywhere is specialized in fully automated temperature monitoring for the Pharmaceutical industry. Its system work globally and is extremely suitable for pharmaceutical companies or large organisations and cold chain distribution. The SenseAnywhere Monitoring System is cost-effective and very quick and easy to deploy on a “Plug and Play” basis. Due to the excellent measuring capacity of the sensors, measurements are accurate and extremely reliable. The software is developed according to the GAMPS rules, validated, and SenseAnwhere can provide IQ OQ Documentation Sets. SenseAnywhere is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified and the organisations performs regular penetration tests. And on top of that, the AiroSensors are extremely energy-efficient and durable, with a battery life of 10 years. SenseAnywhere, Simply Smarter.

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