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ORANGE is the new GREEN

At SenseAnywhere, we believe that advanced monitoring plays a leading role in creating a sustainable supply chain. As a company operating in the environmental monitoring technology sector, the sustainable use of resources is an integral part of SenseAnywhere’s self-image. In addition to developing and producing measuring instruments which help to protect our environment and health, we are therefore committed to greater sustainability and efficient use of resources. We want our measuring instruments to be capable of long-term use, and we, therefore, focus on stability and high quality in the development of our AiroSensors.

SenseAnywhere’s sustainability highlights at a glance…

  • SenseAnywhere makes significant efforts to optimize hardware and software design for power consumption.
  • The wireless data loggers have a 10-year battery life. Even with data transferred every 5 minutes. Unique in the market!
  • The life-time battery prevents a lot of chemical waste of replaced batteries as well as costs and energy needed to manufacture, order, ship, replace and properly disposal of dead batteries.
  • SenseAnywhere loggers are very compact and use fewer resources compared to similar products from other suppliers.
  • SenseAnywhere reduces product-related waste even further by using minimal, plain, carton packaging, minimal paper documentation and electronic manuals and tutorials.

Saving tons of chemical waste
Tom Heijnen – Managing Director SenseAnywhere – has a clear vision of environmentally friendly manufacturing and sustainability. “If you want to be green you have to buy orange sensors”, he says confidently. “Suppose there are hundreds of thousands of data loggers in the field that will last 10 years on the battery. Just imagine how many millions of batteries we do save as a result. By saving tons of chemical waste, you can make a difference and contribute to a better world”.

We take extra steps in sustainability
SenseAnywhere goes one step further when it comes to sustainability. In addition to a sustainable product, we pay attention to the packaging. We deliver our AiroSensors in a simple white box (no colours, as little waste as possible). We leave out what has no added value. Total weight of packaging and supporting materials is just 9 grams. This is not the complete story: Monitoring and backing up 10 thousands of loggers from thousands of customers in a modern data centre is much more energy-efficient than using customers’ own servers. The Cloud is an extremely energy efficient alternative apart from reliability and safety and less hassle. Cloud computing is green too!

AiroSensors produce > 30x less electronic and chemical waste during a 10 years life period compared to other data loggers!

What is the chemical and electronic waste after 10 years of operational use?
Let’s clarify with some figures what the chemical electronic waste is after 10 years of operational use by making a comparison between the AiroSensor and a Third-Party Wi-Fi Data Logger.

SenseAnywhere AiroSensor

  • 1 battery
  • 10-year battery life
  • Data transfer every 5 minutes
  • Battery life @ 5 minutes interval = 10 years
  • Battery replacement: 0 x 10 years
1 Battery 17g
Electronics 5g
Plastic casing + holder 18g
Packaging + Tissue + screws 9g
Total 49g
Third-Party Wi-Fi Data logger

  • 4x AA batteries
  • 24 months battery life
  • Data transfer every 15 minutes
  • Battery life @ 5 min interval = 8 months (24 months / 3)
  • Battery replacement: 14 x in 10 years (120 months / 8 months – initial installation)
  • 15×4 batteries = 60 batteries needed in 10 years!
1 aa Battery: 22,5 x 60 batteries 1350g
Electronics + Plastics 150g
Packaging, USB cable, wall bracket 210g
Total >1,7 kg

There is more
If you take a look at the bigger picture, the footprint is much larger. Not only the waste of the logger and packaging itself but all the effort that needs to be done in servicing the products; transport of batteries, replacement of batteries, disposal of used batteries as well as the labor involved has actually to be taken into account. Many things to consider. Just remember: Orange is the new green.

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