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SenseAnywhere at Small Business

SenseAnywhere’s AiroSensor also very useful for small business

Cafeteria YESS in Hengevelde in Twente offers its guests a varied menu. In addition to the well-known cafeteria dishes, guests are also welcome for a sandwich. And in the afternoon, customers regularly drop in for a quick snack. The cafeteria also serves breakfast and lunch on location. This is an extensive cafeteria that needs to keep its workspace hygienically clean and its food safe. from early morning until late in the evening. The cafeteria uses the AiroSensor, among other things, for this purpose.

AiroSensor: an all-rounder
The AiroSensor is a datalogger with an extensive list of useful functionalities. For example, the AiroSensor is a plug-and-play logger that installs itself, automatically records the temperature, relative humidity and movement, and makes the measurement results immediately available online. And this works entirely wirelessly.

“Convenient”, according to Jessica Lentelink, owner of cafeteria YESS. When she took over the cafeteria, the AiroSensor had already been installed by the previous owner. However, she wondered whether it was really necessary for the relatively small business she was going to run. Now, a year after the takeover, she is a big fan of the small loggers. “In my branch, it is very important to keep a close eye on the temperature. But during the heatwave in August, we were working on location on a Sunday, and it was exactly at that moment that the cooling drawers fell out. The great thing was that i immediately received an alarm message on my mobile phone. We immediately went to the cafeteria and fortunately we were able to solve the problem. That was a real eye-opener. I now know that thanks to the AiroSensor, I can always guarantee the quality of my food, even when i am not in the cafeteria myself”.

Application at cafeteria YESS
Jessica Lentelink used two AccessPoints and placed five loggers, spread across the different areas: three in the shop, one in the large cold shop and one in the cold shop in the warehouse. She only uses the loggers to monitor the temperature.

You have a small business. Is such an advanced solution necessary?
“Absolutely. With the AiroSensor, I automatically comply with the regulations, and it gives me insight into temperature fluctuations. The AiroSensor automatically generates clear temperature reports so that i can see exactly how the temperature is behaving. When products have been delivered, and the door of the cold store opens for a moment, you immediately see that the temperature drops. You can see these temperature fluctuations in the reports. I can prove the cause of the drop with the software. What’s more: if you keep track of everything manually, you don’t get an alarm if things go wrong for once when you’re not around. These AiroSensors offer a smart solution. I feel safe and secure with the SenseAnywhere Monitoring System. Moreover, SenseAnywhere reseller ‘Gullimex’ provides me with an excellent service.

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