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SenseAnywhere supports international development organisations across the developing world

Chemonics is one of the world’s leading partners in international development
From their founding in 1975, Chemonics has worked in more than 150 countries to help their clients, partners and beneficiaries take on the world’s toughest challenges. Today, they reimagine global supply chains to deliver essential medicines to the right place at the right time. Chemonics thinks big, applying lessons learned across all od their projects, bridging the gap between segregated technical fields, and forging partnerships that unite the world’s best minds to solve its toughest problems, Their global network of approximately 5,000 specialists shares an unwavering resolve to work better, driven by a conviction that the world must be better.

Working with the private sector, governments, and donors to drive development results globally
USAID leads international development and humanitarian efforts to save lives, reduce poverty, strengthen democratic governance and help people progress beyond assistance. The USAID Global Health Supply Chain Program-Procurement and Supply Management (GHSC-PSM) project purchases and delivers health commodities, strengthens national supply chain systems, and provides global supply chain leadership to ensure lifesaving health supplies reach those in need, when they need them in more than 50 countries around the world. As the lead implementer of GHSC-PSM, Chemonics called in SenseAnywhere to monitor the transport and storage of medicines in low-resource countries.

SenseAnywhere’s data loggers help keep medicines safe through 24/7 alarm coverage and continuous monitoring
“The SenseAnywhere technology provides excellent temperature and humidity oversight and logging to monitor the medical supply chain in low resource settings across the world”, Ishan Singhal – Manager, Warehousing & Distribution at Chemonics – says. “Countries such a Mozambique, Burkina Faso and Mauritania, which all contain rural areas with extremely limited infrastructure, demand easy to install and reliable solutions for monitoring temperatures during transit and storage of drugs. SenseAnywhere delivers easy to use and robust solution that requires minimal training to install and monitor the temperature across the supply chain. These sensors can be installed by local trainees seamlessly and provide sustainable solutions. Along with this technology, SenseAnywhere provides excellent Customer Service.”

SenseAnywhere offers 24/7 alarm coverage with real-time alarms to resolve excursions prior to the pre-set time limits for each monitored warehouse. The transport of medication from warehouse to warehouse is also monitored due to seamless roaming. The system is simple to use, requiring minimum training for staff and ensuring that electronic battery life and all cloud-based. An automated monitoring system eliminates time-consuming manual tasks that have the potential for error and inaccuracy. For more information about the SenseAnywhere Wireless Temperature Monitoring System, please visit

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